Punk Rave Australia was officially launched back in September 2016 from our Wholesale origins (2012). Our mission was simple: offer the very latest Punk Rave & Pyon Pyon collections as they roll off the manufacturing table at the lowest possible retail price! To date, we are still offering the lowest possible retail price for Punk Rave brand, and the best customer service Australia wide. We also stock the largest range of Punk Rave and Pyon Pyon apparel in the Southern Hemisphere with over 1800 Punk Rave items (and counting!) to date.

So, Who Are We Really?

We are an Australian owned business situated in sunny QLD. We love the Punk Rave brand so much we launched our online retail outlet so Australia and New Zealand customers can enjoy the Punk Rave brand, too! Just to be clear here: we are not a franchise of Punk Rave nor are we a sister webshop for Guangzhou Ruier Clothing Limited Company, China. For those who don't know, Guangzhou Ruier Clothing Company, China is Punk Rave. They are the designers and manufacturers of their own brand: Punk Rave & Pyon Pyon.  

We’re Here To Help

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Just shoot us an email using our handy contact form and we’ll respond within 24-48hours. Everyone here at Punk Rave Australia has a personal mission to provide the absolute best customer experience ever. We want you happy. We want you to be excited when you wear the Punk Rave brand! We want you to embrace your inner Goth or Punk child and run with it. It’s the only way to live. Free to be yourself with no recriminations!

That’s freedom! That’s life. That’s our Punk Rave Australia ethos.


The Team @ Punk Rave Australia