Punk Rave Australia officially launched our Retail Shop back in September 2016. Our mission was simple: offer the very latest Punk Rave & Pyon Pyon collections as they roll off the manufacturing table at the lowest possible price!

Why are we doing this?

That's easy. We've received so many emails asking us to open a retail outlet so customers around the world can purchase the same designs they see available on our wholesale site. We've taken all the feedback we received on board and launched our retail shop just for that reason. Now everyone can purchase the latest Punk Rave Gothic, Punk, Lolita, Steampunk, Vampire and Military inspired apparel hot off the manufacturing table without breaking the bank! All the wholesale goodies you love so much on our wholesale is now freely available to purchase right here on our retail shop. You won’t find better prices on the web, and if you do (excluding specials and discounts) we’ll beat that price by 10% and refund the difference! That’s our price guarantee just to you!

We absolutely promise that we will offer the lowest retail price for Punk Rave clothing and accessories on the web. We also stock the largest range of Punk Rave and Pyon Pyon apparel in the Southern Hemisphere with over 1200 items (and counting!) to date.

Punk Rave's Origins

Joey: founder and creative designer of Punk Rave brand From humble beginnings Punk Rave Co. Ltd fashion style has rapidly evolved over the last ten years. Joey, Punk Rave's creative lead designer, started designing Punk, Gothic & Lolita fashion when Punk, Gothic & Lolita clothing hadn’t yet reached the widespread acceptance that it does today. Over the years Punk Rave Co. Ltd's creative drive has shifted to encompass Steampunk, Military inspired trends, heavy metal, motorcycle apparel and versatile daily wear. Punk Rave Co. Ltd also offers designer street wear, fabulously elegant club life fashion and killer swimwear. Everything a gorgeous Goth girl or boy would ever need.

We’re Here To Help

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Just shoot us an email using our handy contact form and we’ll respond within 24hours. Everyone here at Punk Rave Australia has a personal mission to provide the absolute best customer experience ever. We want you happy. We want you to be excited when you wear our fabulous clothing! We want you to embrace your inner Goth or Punk child and run with it. It’s the only way to live. Free to be yourself, with no recriminations! That’s freedom! That’s life. That’s our Punk Rave Australia ethos.


The Team @ Punk Rave Australia