Womens "Regular" Size Chart - July 2021

Date: July 2021

Punk Rave have released a new Female "Regular" Size Chart that comes into effect for all New Female Collections. "Regular" is the standard term used for all Female garments from July 2021. You will note that the new "regular" size chart below has a blue background. This helps differentiate between our garments prior to 2021 and our new garments from July 2021. Confusing I know, but once you get the hang of the coloured backgrounds in size charts, you'll be able to find your size fairly quickly. 

Please Note: Our dedicated Plus Size category has its own individual size chart. 

2021 New Female Regular Size Chart


Womens Dedicated Plus Size Chart - 2021

New 2021 Dedicated Plus-Size Size Chart


New Size Chart - 2019

Punk Rave have released their brand new Global Size Chart for women. What makes this new size chart so much better than previous versions is that its more accurate because all measurements displayed (bust, waist, hip, height) are the actual measurements when the garment is worn by women of varying sizes.

The old style size chart shows the measurements of the garment (bust, waist, hip, length) only when the item was laid flat on a table and measured with a cloth based tape measure.

Over the coming weeks, we will be slowly fazing out the old size chart and uploading the new version as time permits. We're excited because the new sizechart will make determining size so much easier!

Punk Rave Australia - New Global Size Chart Punk Rave Australia - Individual Size Chart